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Limitations of Current ANPR/LPR

Imaging software and surveillance equipment have devel oped dramatically in recent years. However, mainstream ANPR/LPR systems have lagged behind, remaining largely dependent on technologies that haven’t kept pace with recent advances in imaging and computing science. As a the result, they fall short of current requirements for reliable quality, high performance and ease of use. What’s more, customers typically find themselves locked into inflexible legacy systems that need constant reconfiguration, adding to the strain on operational resources.

Introducing Next Generations ANPR/LPR from IDIS

IDIS have teamed up with 4Sight Imaging, an expert advanced imaging science technology company, to transform automated number plate recognition (ANPR/LPR) surveillance monitoring. By coupling a high performance, specialist IDIS 2MP ANPR/LPR camera with 4Sight image analysis software, IDIS offers a simple, fast deployment, a radically improved user experience, measurable savings and multiple performance benefits compared to traditional ANPR/LPR technologies. This is further demonstrated by this leading image analysis technology proving ten times more accurate in independent comparative testing.

The New Gold Standard

The IDIS ANPR/LPR solution utilises patented plug-and-play technology to eliminate common ANPR/LPR challenges, complexity and the need for ongoing maintenance. Utilising the next generation IDIS camera and advanced image analysis delivers world-class accuracy over a wide range of operating conditions to enhance security and surveillance, drive operational efficiencies and improve profitability. IDIS ANPR/LPR is powered by self-configuring adaptive appearance modelling technologies to ensure extremely high performance and reliability. Open architecture principles ensure seamless compatibility with computing architectures and with all IDIS solutions and products to establish a new gold standard in ANPR/LPR performance.

Key Features

  • Excellent reliability and industry-leading levels of accuracy in all conditions
  • True multi-lane capability with no overlaps from one camera
  • Wide field of view, superior image quality and high performance accuracy
  • Plug-and-play simplicity to maximise ease of deployment
  • Greater flexibility in camera and equipment positioning
  • Reduced complexity to enable easy operation and maintenance by non-experts
  • Seamless integration will all IDIS surveillance platforms
  • Future-proof technology offering forward compatibility with future generation IDIS cameras as well as system architectures and processing power


IDIS ANPR/LPR delivers a cariety of tangible benefits including

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